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Genre Sheets cover trickle based on Taurus35

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Genre Sheets cover trickle based on Taurus35   

Postby cryo75 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:11 am

Hi all,

First I want to thank PsychoTHC for his great graphics pack and Taurus35 for his wonderful templates!!

My movies are divided into 11 different genres (11 being the magical trickle number!!). As I wanted to have a consistent look when browsing I decide to use trickling for the genres as well.

I have based my template on the latest 'Taurus35 Movie Sheet With 11 Cover Trickle (Folders)' template.

This is how the sheet looks like:

And here you can download the first version of the template:

Currently the way the template works is that each genre folder should have an avi file. I do this by creating an empty text document and rename it to folder.avi where folder is the actual name of the folder. If there is a better way to integrate the genre sheet generation (eg. using spare template) together with the movie sheets I would really like to know!!

Let me know what you think and I welcome comments and suggestions!

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