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Remove/Hide wdlxtv from "Media Devices" in Windows explorer

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Remove/Hide wdlxtv from "Media Devices" in Windows explorer   

Postby flashbandit » Fri Dec 03, 2010 3:10 pm

I was wondering if anyone knows a way of removing or hiding the WD TV Live from showing up under "Media Devices" in windows explorer under the Network section. This is for Windows 7, specifically. It shows up with an icon that looks like an mp3 player with the device name underneath it. I can right-click on it and get several options such as "View device webpage" and "properties". I don't want or need this showing up on my network.There may be a way to do it on each computer's end, but I'd prefer to disable it on the wd tv live so that it doesn't show up on any computers that may be connected to the network now or in the future.
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