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Youtube: no content available

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Youtube: no content available   

Postby Luna » Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:17 am

The WD can not find a video on youtube. From what I read in the forums, I should have seen the videos with the official version of the firmware (to create a file with a key) and then we could update your firmware. But I know that now.

Is there any other manner which does not return to the official version and then back to this version? Can I use and share that file to create youtube? What do you call that file?

b-rad said to me: "The following setting bypasses youtube restrictions: config_tool -c YOUTUBE_SWITCHER=youtubeHD". I already had tried and he says there is no content available. What am I doing wrong? Any tip?

Firmware: WDLXTV-Live-, with deluge ok, network connected by local, although I have not set the NFS server (ubuntu on the pc). Internet ok. S00custom-options:
config_tool -c YOUTUBE_SWITCHER=youtubeHD
config_tool -c YOUTUBE_QUALITY=720P

thanks for sharing aid in this forum

sorry for my English, I only speak Spanish
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Re: Youtube: no content available   

Postby sahilexe » Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:16 am

Had the same issue on my friend's wdtvl, here is the solution :
1. flash to original firmware from wd website
2. reboot the wd
3. setup the network settings again
4. play some youtube videos
5. flash to the custom firmware and check if you tube still works!
(worked for me, if doesn't then i wouldn't mind using the reset button)
Thank you!!
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Re: Youtube: no content available   

Postby NoSubstitute » Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:01 am

If you don't want to flash your fw, here is an alternative solution:

A root.bin you unpack to the root of you usbstick and boot.
It will boot into "original" firmware and let you reset to factory settings (in System settings menu), restoring your Youtube keys.
Try to watch some Youtube to verify that it is fixed, then just powercycle (pull the powercord and insert it again). This time without the root.bin on the usb-stick.

The WDTVL should now boot into WDLXTV fw, with working YT keys.
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Re: Youtube: no content available   

Postby axans » Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:10 am

i still cant get it to work ?
I have rebooted with the original firmware but still it wont work.
im having the psychothc_mod_6_5_3.osd.bin
And the 1.02.21_WDLXTV.COM_WDLXTV_LIVE- Firmware.
Going crazy !!!1
Please help me
Maybe some nice soul can send me a workin S00custom-option file ??
Best regards Axans from Sweden
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