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Supported USB-ethernet adapters 1.03.01_WDLXTV-

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Supported USB-ethernet adapters 1.03.01_WDLXTV-   

Postby Alicia » Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:43 pm

With some help of recliq (Thanks ! :) ) , I extracted the VID:PID's from the 'networking' kernel modules that come with 1.03.01_WDLXTV-
In other words, following devices *should* work 'out-of-the-box' (don't blame me if they don't) :

asix: v05ACp1402 v13B1p0018 v0B95p772A v0B95p7720 v04F1p3008 v1631p6200 v1189p0893 v07AAp0017 v6189p182D v0411p006E v0411p003D v0557p2009 v08DDp90FF v07B8p420A v0B95p1780 v0B95p1720 v04BBp0930 v1737p0039 v2001p3C05 v07D1p3C05 v1557p7720 v2001p1A00 v0846p1040 v077Bp2226 v050Dp5055 v14EApAB11

catc: v08D1p0001 v0423p000C v0423p000A

cdc_ether: v04DDp9050 v04DDp9032 v04DDp9031 v04DDp8007 v04DDp8006 v04DDp8005 v04DDp8004

cdc_subset: v8086p07D3 v0E7Ep1001 v049Fp505A v0525p9901 v056Cp8100 v050Dp0004 v0547p2727 v0547p2720 v0402p5632

dm9601: v0A46p8515 v0A47p9601 v0A46p6688 v0A46p0268 v0A46p8515 v0A46p9601 v0707p0200 v0411p0001 v066Bp2206 v066Bp2204 v066Bp2203 v066Bp2202 v056Ep4002 v04BBp0904 v07B8p4002 v07B8pABC1 v2001pABC1 v2001p4003 v2001p4002 v2001p4001 v07AAp9601 v07AAp0004 v08DDp0988 v08DDp0987 v08DDp0986 v3334p1701 v07A6p0986 v083Ap1046

gl620a: v05E3p0502

kaweth: v2001p4000 v1645p8005 v1645p0008 v1645p0005 v1485p0002 v1485p0001 v13D2p0400 v1342p0204 v10BDp1427 v095Ap3003 v0951p0008 v087Dp5704 v085Ap0009 v085Ap0008 v0846p1002 v0846p1001 v07B8p4000 v07AAp0001 v0707p0100 v06E1p0009 v06E1p0008 v066Bp2202 v05E9p0009 v05E9p0008 v0565p0005 v0565p0003 v0565p0002 v0557p4000 v0557p2002 v0506p11F8 v0506p03E8 v04BBp0901 v03E8p0008

mcs7830: v0DF6p0021 v9710p7730 v9710p7830

net1080: v06D0p0622 v0525p1080

pegasus: v067Cp1001 v15E8p9110 v15E8p9100 v0707p0201 v0707p0200 v08D1p0003 v0B39p0901 v0B39p0109 v0846p1020 v045Ep007A v0411p0009 v0411p0005 v0411p0001 v066Bp200C v066Bp400B
v077Bp08B4 v066Bp2206 v066Bp2204 v066Bp2203 v066Bp2202 v056Ep200C v056EpABC1 v056Ep400B v056Ep4005 v056Ep4002 v0951p000A v04BBp0913 v04BBp0904 v03F0p811C v0E66p400C v1044p8002 v05CCp3000 v1342p0304 v056Ep4010 v0DB7p0002 v2001pABC1 v2001p4003 v2001p200C v2001p400B v2001p4102 v2001p4002 v2001p4001 v07AAp000D v07AAp0004 v08DDp8511 v08DDp0988 v049Fp8511 v08DDp0987 v08DDp0986 v050Dp0121 v07C9pB100 v3334p1701 v07A6p07C2 v07A6p0986 v07A6p8515 v07A6p8513 v07A6p8511 v083ApB004 v083Ap5046 v083Ap1046 v07B8p200C v07B8pABC1 v07B8p400C v07B8p400B v07B8p4002 v07B8p4102 v07B8p4007 v07B8p4004 v07B8p4104 v07B8p110C v0557p2007 v0506p4601

rtl8150: v07B8p401A v3980p0003 v0411p0012 v0BDAp8150

The following site *might* be helpful in identifying the brand/type of usb-ethernet adapter corresponding to above VID:PID's :

This is how it works:
for example the first one mentioned v05ACp1402 (asix chipset). 05AC is the vendor ID, 1402 is the product ID.
First search on that website with 05AC. You will find the vendor : 05ac Apple, Inc. Then scroll down to you arrive at 1402. You will see it's called 'Ethernet Adapter [A1277]'
So the 'Apple Ethernet Adapter [A1277]' should be supported.

Hopefully this list will save people some money by not buying adapters that don't work ;)
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Re: Supported USB-ethernet adapters 1.03.01_WDLXTV-   

Postby malber4 » Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:15 am

Awesome Alicia thanks a lot!
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Re: Supported USB-ethernet adapters 1.03.01_WDLXTV-   

Postby paulsouthall » Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:33 am

Thanks for the information its a lot clear. So does this mean if I install the firmware and the "Apple USB Ethernet adapter A1277 " it will work. I have been able to get the wireless software to work but to many walks for it to work so with any luck I could use a powerline adapter to connected to my computer.
many thanks
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Re: Supported USB-ethernet adapters 1.03.01_WDLXTV-   

Postby kroetkroet » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:30 am

Haai, I think it's clear from the TS: (don't blame me if they don't) :lol: There are too many variables here, like for example device kernel etc.
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Re: Supported USB-ethernet adapters 1.03.01_WDLXTV-   

Postby paulsouthall » Tue May 07, 2013 1:43 am

I have been able to get the wireless adapter to work with my WD TV gen 1 but the not a very good signal on video.
can anyone tell me if the ethernet program workers and can I use a powerline adapter to contected to my network
many thanks
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Re: Supported USB-ethernet adapters 1.03.01_WDLXTV-   

Postby recliq » Tue May 07, 2013 2:03 am

You can, if you have a supported ethernet usb adaptor, but noone can promise you that powerline works better/faster than WiFi, just too many variables.
Powerline performance depends very much on your local setup, meaning the power wiring in your house/flat.
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