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Theming the WDTV Live Hub!


Postby extremedigital » Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:05 am

Hi Guys.....

I had to setup a Live Hub for a friend the other day, so i decided to update his box to the latest firmware 2.07.17
This showed me a few nasty side effects, so i had to adapt my ExtremeMix Themes a little.
Note this update was done in roughly 1hr and i dont have access to my own personal Hub at the moment.....(It is still in a different country). So there may be a few bugs in it still.

Basically this Theme has the Games icon, and will now work with local moviesheets.

Use the latest Thumbgen version


According to the screenshot In the above link choose store links to moviesheets.... or you can also edit your older xml files to point at the moviesheet.

The theme will do the rest, basically it overrides the old moviesheet trick and will use the local moviesheet from the backdrop, however it will now cover the screen as before instead of been in the background.

Hope you like it guys......


Included are the following Themes

ExtremeMix Coverflow 3.5
ExtremeMix Sheet 3.5
ExtremeMix STD 3.5
ExtremeMix Trickle 3.5
ExtremeMix Wall 3.5

Before anyone asks, the moviesheet takes about 3 to 5 seconds to kick in, however since you have the information from the xml showing first before the moviesheet kicks in, i think it works quite well......... Btw I arrange my movies in their own folders, but this should work with all movies in the same folder as well.

Here's the download link
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Re: ExtremeMix​_Mega_Hub_​Theme_Pack​_3.5   

Postby extremedigital » Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:29 am

Your folder structure should be as follows:-


folder.jpg --------------------> folder thumbnail eg custom coverbox

Avatar.jpg ---------------------> Same as your folder.jpg eg custom coverbox (in old method some used this as the moviesheet but this has side effects in my theme just copy or create a duplicate of your folder.jpg )

Avatar.xml ---------------------> movie info created with newest thumbgen this has a link pointing backdrop to your moviesheet

Avatar.mkv_sheet.jpg -----------> your moviesheet

The above method retains TOTAL compatibilty with the wd live method of moviesheets.
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