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Postby mad_ady » Fri Apr 24, 2015 6:01 am

Changelog - 2015-04-24
* ip fix for youtube (recliq)
* fixed WAM app dependency management (recliq)
* fixed some bugs regarding NETAPP, added appinfo option (recliq)
* fixed minor bg-process bug (recliq)
* added creation of /tmp/ file pointing to NETAPP mount (recliq)
* fixed more dependency issues (recliq)
* added apache log level config and user config in /conf/apache-user.conf and /conf/apache-user-site.conf (recliq)
* increased number of usable cifs-interceptor shares (recliq)
* Suppress possible errors caused by incorrect timezone settings from calls to date inside UMSP (mad_ady)
* Changed the webend TIMEZONE setting to point to a supported timezone database ( (mad_ady)
* added date.timezone=UTC setting to php.ini (recliq)
* changed getproxy to set YOUTUBE_IP and youtubeHD.php to use YOUTUBE_IP (recliq)
* added check and save for YOUTUBE_IP
* Added previous changes to the actual proxy code in /usr, and also changed code to use YOUTUBE_IP instead of
* Fix for samba startup when starting from ext3 (mad_ady)

Consult the FAQ before flashing:

Download URL:!c4xwmCgB!XH2RVqXnoD8gGQmdvIUSna46bd-RrAGwsGtRrV0IMuY
Mirror URL:

MD5Sum: 1e9f12ad5f0a04d0d707245d0fdb177e

Discussion thread:

Note 1: Starting with May 2015 Youtube pulled support for APIv2 and this means that Youtube/YoutubeHD is broken on all firmwares (pre 1.06). A youtube3 UMSP plugin has been developed to address this problem:
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