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1.02.21_V.WDLXTV_LIVE- [flash]

1.02.21_V.WDLXTV_LIVE- [flash]   

Postby mad_ady » Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:09 am - 2015-03-09
* Updated php from 5.3.2 to 5.3.14 with builtin mysql and curl support. Added php binary plus the required libs. Removed older libs and config that are no longer needed. (all firmwares) (mad_ady)
* Bug-Fix: Repaired missing pieces of the bi2 commit from (mostly perl libraries) (1.02/1.05-live firmwares) (mad_ady)
* Added Root CA certificates for curl (should fix invalid certificate warnings in curl) (mad_ady)
* Added missing font mappings (correct path) for imagemagick (needed by (mad_ady)
* Changed dmaosd's buffered output when going through tee to line buffered (instead of 16k buffers). (mad_ady)
* Added an option to restart DMAOSD from the webend (in case it crashes or anything) (mad_ady)
* Moved php and some of its dependencies to bi2 (mad_ady)
* Mark all *.sh files in /conf as executable (permissions don't stick after a reboot) (mad_ady)
* Fixed reboot from Reloader WDTVExt plugin not working (mad_ady)
* Updated rtorrent (and rutorrent) from 0.8.6 to 0.9.2 (thanks to workingman). Also disable HTTPS certificate checks in the default config
* Note: If you previously used rtorrent, you will need to comment out the following lines from /conf/rtorrent.conf, or delete it and it will be recreated with reasonable defaults:
#safe_sync = yes
#hash_read_ahead = 5
#hash_interval = 10
#hash_max_tries = 5
* Don't start WDTVExt if WDTVEXT=ON is not explicitly set (1.05 only) (mad_ady)
* Fixed Config/Addon manager background not stretching completely in the webend (mad_ady)
* Fixed youtube proxy (youtube deleted a space in url_encoded_fmt_stream_map) (thanks to Dentex)
* Add and activate UMSP_STATISTICS option (off by default) + webend (mad_ady)
* Redesigned webend first page based on stylish template (legopacific)
* Added USB_OSD_EJECT_BEFORE_POWER_OFF feature. If active, on shutdown it restarts the OSD, injects the necessary key sequences to eject all drives and then powers off OSD. On wakeup the OSD will pick up the drives again. (Martin_L)
* Allow NETAPPs to be loaded from a subdirectory instead only from the root of a network share. (Martin_L)

Notable new features (consult the changelog):
  • PHP with CURL support info
  • Updated rtorrent (supports self-signed certificates) info
  • UMSP_Statistics info

Consult the FAQ before flashing:

Download URL:!YsJBmDwQ!YMtx0IMhh7ZOv94gSckIDI_dvSS3dBCCHIuypzdwcDI
Mirror URL:

MD5Sum: bc10e08cef5cb5ed4bc59cec35af7547

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