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1.02.21_V.EXT3-BOOT_LIVE- [non-flash]

1.02.21_V.EXT3-BOOT_LIVE- [non-flash]   

Postby recliq » Mon Nov 03, 2014 7:06 am - 2014-11-01
* Added preliminary support for OSD screenshots in directfb (1.05 firmware - screenshot-dir) (mad_ady)
* Recompiled lld2d (Microsoft Link Layer Topology Discovery) and decoupled it from DMAOSD. Added startup script for lld2d (mad_ady)
* Added automatic reboot in case of kernel panic (after 20 seconds) (mad_ady)
* Update bash to 4.3.27 to fix the Shellshock (CVE-2014-6271) exploit (mad_ady)
* Add support for bi2/sigmblocki storage for all firmware types (1.02, 1.05-live) (mad_ady)
* Fixed 'Stuck at 0%' bug while flashing (mad_ady)
* Added WEBEND_NO_AUTH option to allow unauthorized access from specific IP addresses (useful for some Android remotes) (mad_ady)
* Fixed /etc/ and /etc/fstab from growing on each reboot on ext3 firmwares (mad_ady)
* fixed greedy sed in umsp-plugman-web del (recliq)
* Added deep sleep option to use /proc/tangoxfreq/standby if it exists before trying /proc/led. Should work on systems where /proc/led doesn't work and the kernel supports it (mad_ady)
* Added DMAOSD shutdown code with memory deallocation - thanks to a post from zltnngy (mad_ady)
* UMSP Patch for album art & description (mad_ady)
* UMSP v0.2 2012-04-10 (mad_ady)
- Added hardware-independent code to make it more portable (hardware-dependent.php)
- Added changes made by UMSPX (better support) (funcs-utility.php)
- Made changes to make it conform better to the UPnP specs (works with XBMC)
- Added support for LAN broadcasts (UMSP_LAN='ON')
- Exports on-screen metadata to /tmp/umsp-current-didl.xml for integration with other backends (e.g. wdtvext).
* Converted links from javascript to a href, added object checks, added support for umsp://local and file:// (recliq)
* fixed umsp-plugman-web repoinfo <plugin> <repo> (recliq)
* added pdo_sqlite for php5 (recliq)
* added uniq statement preventing multiple mount attempts on same location (recliq)
* fixed S01ipup not exiting when ip already aquired (recliq)

Download URL:!BkBx0JYa!RoYqHRnIa3IYqi9m_QO4UAGOxU_wG_c22Li1B-1Ws_I
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MD5Sum: 9aeb45e6d410890299b1eb6b9fa236ee

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