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1.03.49_V-WDLXTV-Live- [flash]

1.03.49_V-WDLXTV-Live- [flash]   

Postby » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:32 pm

Code: Select all - 2011-03-29
  * corrected syntax error affecting USB_POWER_OFF=1 (recliq)
  * fixed ver files in G2 & plus firmwares (b-rad) - 2011-03-20
  * changed default hostname to empty so a random one is generated on reset (b-rad)
  * made bug report case sensitive to hide default WDLXTV hostname (b-rad)
  * quieted nfsd-gen when its disabled (b-rad)
  * fixed moviesheets on 1.02.21 wdlxtv-live (b-rad)
  * made getproxies script executable so it actually works (b-rad) - 2011-03-20
  * fixed 'Network Shares' area not working on 1.03x firmwares (b-rad)
  * fixed autores not working on G2 & 1.02.21 based wdlxtv-live (b-rad) - 2011-03-16
  * TWO LEVEL THUMBS BUG IS GONE!!!!!!!! (assembly code patch) (b-rad)
  * YoutubeHD works again, with proper resolution fallback (RMerlin)
  * YoutubeHD is activated by default now at 480P on reset (b-rad)
  * loads of system/memory tweaks to decrease footprint (b-rad)
  * fixed WDTVExt plugin issues when reset happens (1.02.21_wdlxtv-live) (RMerlin)
  * Youtube & shoutcast proxies are downloaded every boot to accomodate server changes (b-rad)
  * fixed MediaMark internal plugin & std mode moviesheets (1.02.21_wdlxtv-live) (recliq)
  * fixed linksheets & std mode moviesheets (recliq)
  * upnp-meta command fixed for valid meta data in upnp-cmd (recliq)
  * extra UMSP svn repos enabled (b-rad)
  * fixed broken wireless encryption settings page (b-rad)
  * sped up ipup when executed with net already up (b-rad)
  * wdlxtv-db integration for custom media database (recliq)
  * set blkid to utilize cache to prevent sleeping drives from spinning up (b-rad)
  * added noatime & nodiratime options to mounts to increase disk performance (b-rad)
  * fixed exported share issue dealing with devices with no UUID (b-rad)
  * streamlined NETAPP's in crazymount (b-rad)
  * increased loopbacks to 32 and updated binaries to support it (b-rad)
  * fixed top row of thumbs not showing in WALL msheet modes (b-rad)
  * updated all localizations (bovirus et all)
  * fixed path issue with Optware /opt binaries (b-rad)
  * fixed module loading from app.bins (b-rad & recliq)
  * added sqlite3 binary (b-rad)
  * ROOT_UUID for selective device (non /dev/sda1) external firmware loading (b-rad)
  * ROOT_TAG for 'tagged' external firmware loading (b-rad)
  * fix net.mounts issue with shares having spaces in their names (b-rad)
  * fixed Samba passwords not saving (b-rad)
  * set auto_restart=1 to support seagate & other drives with power management (b-rad)
  * experimental 1.04.22 ext3-boot's for live & plus (b-rad)
  * recompiled Samba to 3.5.6 (RMerlin)
  * fixed cdrom not mounting right when its not /dev/sr0 (b-rad)
  * fixed retail dvd's + no media library to fail eject (b-rad)
  * fixed linksheets configuration in firmwares with no wdtvext (b-rad)
  * colourized disk usage progress bars in webend (RMerlin)
  * WEC tuning, setting fixes & LOADS of updates (RMerlin)
  * webend tweaks (RMerlin)
  * fix led bug in autores (b-rad)

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