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1.02.21-WDLXTV-Live- [flash]

1.02.21-WDLXTV-Live- [flash]   

Postby » Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:47 pm

Code: Select all - 2010-12-31
  * shoutcast fixed (RMerlin)
  * tweaked how /etc/hosts is built
  * fixed broken default list (10) & thumb (8) views which were 'stuck' in sheet mode (wdlxtv-live)
  * fixed error with moviesheet xml selection
  * wdlxtv-plus is based off official firmware 1.03.49
  * experimental wdlxtv-live base fw branch - 1.03.49 (missing features)
  * updated logos by Pennhaven & new pennhaven_bg chrome backdrop option
  * fixed nfsd & samba setting checks preventing operation
  * fixed clearing of youtube & live365 switchers
  * fixed live365 switcher on non 1.02.21 firmwares
  * correct station graphics causing system lockup in shoutcast live365 switcher (wdlxtv-live/plus)
  * patched smbtree to fix cifs-interceptor
  * fixed webend reboot (RMerlin)
  * forced std mode sheet moviesheet enhancement (wdlxtv-live) (recliq)
  * tweaked webend reboot to show visual progress (RMerlin)
  * patched net.mount WEC issues with various filesystems (RMerlin)
  * updated mt-daapd to 1.03.49's version
  * moved VIDEO_INFO_BAR into the loop to be checked more than once at boot
  * fixed syntax error on nzbget stop
  * patched suhosin php config to get rid of variable length errors
  * experimental ext3-boot live/plus base fw branches - 1.04.10
  * 1.03.49 & 1.04.10 WDLXTV's do *NOT* have wdtvext or autores
  * 1.03.49 & 1.04.10 WDLXTV's are *NOT* compatible with 1.01.77/1.02.21 themes

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