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1.02.21_EXT3-BOOT_LIVE- [non-flash]

1.02.21_EXT3-BOOT_LIVE- [non-flash]   

Postby » Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:36 pm

Code: Select all - 2010-12-24
  * fixed DTS & AC3 in wdlxtv-g2 (for real this time)
  * WMAPro audio support removed from wdlxtv-g2 (related to DTS/AC3 bug)
  * fixed preview mode (wdlxtv-g2)
  * wdlxtv-plus is based off 1.03.49_B
  * experimental wdlxtv-plus base fw branch - 1.04.10
  * experimental wdlxtv-live base fw branches - 1.03.49 & 1.04.10
  * 1.03.49 & 1.04.10 WDLXTV's do *NOT* have wdtvext or autores
  * 1.03.49 & 1.04.10 WDLXTV's are *NOT* compatible with 1.01.77/1.02.21 themes
  * fixed RT2870/RT3070/RT3370 wifi driver (wdlxtv-g2)
  * fixed WEP wifi encryption (wdlxtv-g2)
  * delayed config_tool monitor 40s
  * fixed shoutcast (live/plus)
  * updated localizations for missing strings
  * added Polish & Slovakian localizations (wdlxtv-g2)
  * include missing libdvd libs (wdlxtv-g2)
  * add.webplugin now cleans up dupes
  * fixed VIDEO_INFO_BAR=2 & VIDEO_INFO_BAR=3 (wdlxtv-plus)
  * added support for WEP, WPAPSK, & WPA2PSK wifi encryption types & IPUP=ON (wdlxtv-live/plus)
  * fixed WEC autores settings to use 0/1 instead of OFF/ON - 2010-12-17 (unreleased on live/plus)
  * fixed optical drive functionality
  * retail DVD support (!!!!!)
  * eject button on optical drives work
  * cd-manager monitors drive and mounts media when available
  * UMSP optical drive manager 'eject' button works (wdlxtv-live/plus)
  * UMSP optical drive manager hides when no device available (wdlxtv-live/plus)
  * UMSP optical drive manager 'browse' functionality removed (wdlxtv-live/plus)
  * Modified version of arifg's CDManager WDTVExt plugin integrated (1.02.21-wdlxtv-live)
  * NETAPP's for loading of osd themes and app.bins from remote network shares
  * updated psychodad's autores to 0.53 (fixes missing sub type & more granular control)
  * included webend configurator plugin for all features of autores
  * Shoutcast now co-exists with Live365 in the menus, both can be used! (1.02.21-wdlxtv-live)
  * fixed Shoutcast bugs with favorites and channels with more than 50 stations (wdlxtv-live/plus)
  * updated RMerlins webend configurator; now with hooks, new input types, and bugfixes
  * new UMSP plugin configuration interface using the webend configurator
  * the WDTVExt plugins menu can be hidden now (recliq) (1.02.21-wdlxtv-live)
  * all menus can be selectively hidden (1.02.21-wdlxtv-live)
  * added FTPD_OPTIONS for custom pure-ftpd options & binaries for virtual users (recliq)
  * included shunte's dynamacized revision3 UMSP plugin with thumbs
  * all UMSP plugins have web config pages (shunte)
  * fix SSH server issue when SSHPORT=22
  * granularized
  * updated wdtvext plugin scanning, osd (then disk) plugins override system plugins (recliq) (1.02.21-wdlxtv-live)
  * Krypto's MediaMark WDTVExt plugin rewritten and integrated (recliq)
  * Samba 3.5.1 compiled and included for Win7 support (RMerlin)
  * network drivers updated (wdlxtv-g2)
  * automagic network driver detector (wdlxtv-g2)
  * fixed broken picture viewing (wdlxtv-g2)
  * fixed youtubeHD (RMerlin & ramanvijay)
  * slimmed down geoIP db
  * mod_php removed to save space
  * lots of webend tweaks (RMerlin)
  * clean up shell errors
  * fixed suspend & resume scripts
  * leave telnet enabled on suspend
  * rescan devices on wake up from suspend
  * quieted lots of errors
  * fixed unrar web plugin (RMerlin)
  * sort & filter blkid webend page
  * added 'XML UMSP Items Plugin' support (bagira)
  * credits page mods
  * fixed Opera webend authorization issues (RMerlin)
  * changed osd browse high speed scan numbers to 60% of amount of page items

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