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[Live] [Flash] 1.02.21_0.4.2.6

[Live] [Flash] 1.02.21_0.4.2.6   

Postby » Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:46 pm

Code: Select all - 2010-09-26
  * fixed credits & WDLXTV Census pages in webend
  * fixed bug in load.webplugin
  * fixed /RPC2 not being auth protected in webend (for secure remote rtorrent xml-rpc) - 2010-09-25
  * added enable/disable of daemons to webend daemon panel
  * fixed rutorrent RSS plugin
  * fixed rutorrent plugin global settings
  * fixed non-login $PATH for ssh
  * lots of reloader updates (recliq)
  * reloader images moved to /osd/image/Reloader_* for theming
  * included link to enable/disable WDLXTV_CENSUS in webend
  * fixed webend mount table not showing cifs
  * fixed NTP with wireless for wdlxtv-plus
  * perlmagick-8:
  * removed broken unrar button from webend
  * telnetd killed on reboot to disconnect shells
  * fixed bugs with unionfs xmounts
  * wget recompiled with ssl support (philou) - 2010-09-02
  * added unionfs filesystem to xmount (see net.mounts for example)
  * updated WDTVExt plugins menu, bugfixes & new features (recliq)
  * fixed 'network shares' area not working as well when ENABLE_SAMBA_SHARE=0
  * speed up moviesheet search & display
  * fixed shoutcast channels with more than 50 listings not showing
  * fixed shoutcast favorites not saving in live365 switcher
  * patched bugs in MovieSheet plugin, plus sped up display of sheets
  * fixed std mode moviesheet view in list & audio/photo views (recliq)
  * fixed wireless IPUP & NTP detection. set your connected network to favorite in the network menu
  * fixed multi file /conf/umsp.tgz no-untar bug (bagira)
  * added output to webend UMSP SVN plugin downloading
  * updated UMSP plugin enabling system
  * fixed Samba/rtorrent issues when SSHPORT is set
  * lowered rtorrents cpu priority
  * updated psychodad's autores, now supports audio/subtitle channel selection


1.02.21_WDLXTV.COM_WDLXTV_LIVE- -- link

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