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[Live] [Ext3-boot] 1.02.21_0.4.2.2

[Live] [Ext3-boot] 1.02.21_0.4.2.2   

Postby » Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:29 pm

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EXT3-BOOT-Live-   2010-08-10
  * recompiled rtorrent with proper xml-rpc support for rutorrent
  * upgraded to rutorrent-3.1
  * rutorrent plugins are started when rtorrent starts so RSS/etc work immediately
  * fixed issue causing rtorrent not to restart if it was started with RTORRENT_DIR not set
  * fixed rtorrent 'pausing' issue
  * included all rutorrent plugins (configure via /conf/rutorrent.plugins.conf)
  * Zoster's UMSP patches for svn plugin self-enabling
  * removed deprecated files for lighttpd/deluge/python
  * fixed typo in untar of /conf/umsp.tgz
  * UMSP SVN plugin download can be disabled (UMSP_SVN=OFF)
  * disabled IP obtain at boot for faster boot time
  * upgraded to php5-cgi-5.3.2-1 (fixes
  * included php5-geoip
  * included rtmpdump-2.3-1
  * random WDLXTV motd
  * MovieSheet & WDTVExt plugin Reloader debug messages turned off (see MOVIESHEET_DEBUG & RELOADER_DEBUG)
  * set PANDORA=OFF to disable pandora binary and save memory + hide it from the OSD
  * actually include bagira's hungarian localization
  * disabled automatic NTP at boot for faster boot time
  * Optional WDLXTV census, disabled by default (to enable WDLXTV_CENSUS=ON)
  * changed all symlinks in /var from /tmp -> /tmp/.root/var, so they aren't lost to the clutter
  * fixed ifconfig calling net.mounts at boot, pausing OSD if DISABLE_ETHERNET_ON_STANDBY=ON
  * updated net.mounts examples to include ro flag to prevent Spinning-Circle-Of-Doom
  * changed xmount to mount CIFS/NFS ro if rw is not explicitly specified to prevent SCOD
  * changed jaggy Shoutcast icon with PsychoTHC's shoutcast icon
  *** BUGS:
  * no thumbs in first two levels of local folders view (still)
  * unrar button in webend is broken


1.02.21_WDLXTV.COM_EXT3-BOOT_LIVE- - download link (no registration required) (fastest)

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