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[Live] [Flash] 1.02.21_0.4.2.1

[Live] [Flash] 1.02.21_0.4.2.1   

Postby » Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:40 pm

Code: Select all - 2010-08-01
  * pibos WDTVExt dynamic extension software integrated
  * thespecialist's WMAPro audio support
  * psychodad's autoframerate/resolution patch
  * recliq's moviesheet plugin
  * recliq's WDTVExt plugin manager
  * AutoZoom overscan fix during video playback
  * forcehdmi option for resolutions not contained in EDID
  * Samba/smb.conf fixes for missing/nonworking network shares
  * Zosters's UMSP-0.14 with searching capability
  * OK button comes before cancel in network share login & resume message boxes
  * UMSP plugins are pulled from svn on boot, enable them individually through webend
  * multi-file custom UMSP plugins enabled (/conf/umsp.php + /conf/umsp-plugins.tgz)
  * fixed peristent video resume points file on local device; video_resume_point_table
  * Setting for password protected Samba shares with guest read only access
  * Samba debug level can be set
  * thespecialist's smb.conf fix for missing 'network shares'
  * fixed /boot with .rootFS
  * webend symlink permission fixes
  * youtubeHD fix
  * rtorrent-0.8.6-1 included
  * rutorrent-3.0 included
  * ffmpeg-SVN-r22988 included
  * curl_7.20.0-3 included 
  * new user supplied init.d script now avaiable: /conf/S99user-script
  * sorted path/plugin errors (mostly) in rutorrent
  * linksheets disabled, recliq's WDTVExt movisheet plugin enabled
  * Python removed
  * Deluge removed
  * fixed load.webplugin bug causing rogue setup links in webend
  * included mediainfo-0.7.25
  * included apache2
  * ability to set custom telnet/ssh ports
  * /dev/sda1 is now fsck'd if root.bin/.rootFS exists at boot
  * included tcpdump-3.9.8
  * fixed domain wide auth
  * updated osd pages to
  * jamiroo's corrected spanish localization
  *'s corrected german localization
  * jamiroo's catalan localization
  * avkiev's corrected russian localization
  * Staduk's Greek localization
  * bagira's Hungarian localization
  * ReMARKable's dutch localization
  * moved deluge/nzbget/umsp/webend web dirs to /usr/share
  * lots of extra logging in scripts for bug report in webend
  * rewritten - usb hubbed devices now mounted under the slot they're plugged into (media library = off)
  * tons & tons of bug patches & minor enhancements/tweaks

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