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Strange HDMI-related bug - 1.03.49_B-WDLXTV-Plus-

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Strange HDMI-related bug - 1.03.49_B-WDLXTV-Plus-   

Postby ickyfehmleh » Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:52 pm

I have a Phillips 42" LCD and a WDTV Live Plus unit. Prior to flashing the 1.03.49_B firmware it ran the 1.05.04_B stock firmware.

There is something with the 1.03.49_B firmware, possibly other earlier versions, that seems to keep the HDMI port "hot" between reboots. My Phillips has the odd habit of having no sound if the LCD is powered off and powered back on while the HDMI port is hot/active. Previously this would only happen if I left the stock firmware running and powercycled the TV, but this is now occurring all the time with the 1.03.49_B firmware. To rectify the situation I have to physically unplug the powercord to the WDTV, turn the TV on, then plug the WDTV's powercord back in. To rectify the situation with the stock firmware I'd just have to power down the unit (power button on the remote), powercycle the TV, and power the unit back up.

The 1.03.49_B firmware seems to keep the HDMI port hot for long periods of time: we'll watch part of a movie before going to bed, turn the unit off, turn the TV off, and go to repeat the process the next night only to find that the TV has no volume. The oddest part is that the TV has no volume on any input, not just the HDMI input, but that's obviously an issue with the TV.

Anyway, let me know if anyone needs more details on this oddity.
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Re: Strange HDMI-related bug - 1.03.49_B-WDLXTV-Plus-   

Postby recliq » Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:17 am

There's no way we can change the HDMI handshake, this is handled by the closed source parts of the WD firmware.
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Re: Strange HDMI-related bug - 1.03.49_B-WDLXTV-Plus-   

Postby KAD » Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:51 am

so you might want to try newer WDLXTV based on 1.05.04
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