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WDLXTV___- Power Light Remains Illuminated

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WDLXTV___- Power Light Remains Illuminated   

Postby horizons1 » Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:24 am

I noticed this strange behavior last night:

After watching Netflix (no crash) I turned the device "off" like normal. Typically, the two lights on the front of the Plus are both illuminated when the device is on, as I keep a thumb drive in for my net mounts. When I turned the device off last night, however, both lights went off and about two or three seconds later the power light came back on.

No amount of times pressing the power button could make the light go off. Only cycling the power cord and allowing the device to reboot and then power off seemed to fix this.

There didn't seem to be any harm in the light being on - the OSD wasn't on, but it seemed curious enough behavior to report.
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