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1.02.21-04.2.8 Firmware - Language problems (tested italian)

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1.02.21-04.2.8 Firmware - Language problems (tested italian)   

Postby bovirus » Thu Sep 30, 2010 6:27 am

I downloaded and tested the new firmware.
in the changelog b-rad said that he used the kernel of official WD 1.03.40.
Why he didn't named new firmware as 1.03.40-xxxxx (instead 1.02.21-xxxx)?

I tested the new firmware (1.02.21.- over a previuos firmware version (italian language selected)

Problems found

- At first reboot the message that explain the WDLXTV firmware upgrade starting is in english
b-rad should add relative string in language file

- The message (in italian) at the end of firmware upgrade before the reboot is truncated (just one line instead the right two line)

- In the "Product Information" window same parts are localized and other parts (all relative to WDLXTV firmware) are in english
b-rad should add all text strings in the language file.

As tricks I propose to add all text strings (string for firmware upgrade starting and product information) relative to WDLXTV at teh end of language file.
It's easier to maintain it.
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Re: 1.02.21-04.2.8 Firmware - Language problems (tested ital   

Postby marlosab » Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:46 pm

Hi, I´ve found the same problems in portugues (brazil).
Apparently it occurs because the custom language file is not loaded at that time.
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