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Idea/Thought to add new plugins

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Idea/Thought to add new plugins   

Postby wdlxtver » Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:35 pm

Hello Mods,

Is there a way a program can be developed that will only have a bare skeleton of all the tweaks that WDLXTV UMSP requires to run where a user can enter the web link they want and a UMSP plugin is generated automatically?

Lets say I notice a web forum that has all the TV channels.(
I provide the web forum link to this program.
It auto-generates a UMSP plugin for this TV channel?

This will immensely help non-programmers like me to perform minor tweaking to run my favorite web forums through UMSP without bothering the mods to create/update new/dead uMSP channels.

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Re: Idea/Thought to add new plugins   

Postby mad_ady » Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:06 am

The idea is good, but not really practical.

The question is - what does a UMSP plugin really do?
Answer: it converts a web page into a list of direct links to content.

The conversion process is particular to each site. The plugin usually scrapes the site ( and looks for specific patterns (usually by using complex regular expressions) to extract the URLs for the video. Note that the URL for the flash player is not the same as the URL for the video! Usually the scraping is done in multiple steps and is very specific to the site. This is the reason most plugins fail if unmaintained - because a small change in site structure can break it. Some sites go to great lengths to prevent scraping by obfuscating or encrypting part of the code (e.g. youtube, porn sites, etc) and the plugin needs to undo it and keep up with the changes

So, there is no universal way of converting any site to a desired format, sorry...
If your sites have a very standard format (e.g. provide XML/JSON feeds of the content), then you could use plugins such as Daily Podcasts to parse them, but most of them don't.
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