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Re: demo version   

Postby RMerlin » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:34 am

recliq wrote:Just my personal two cents:

I'm not very happy with addons/plugins which are not completely free like this project. WDLXTV has been and will be totaly for free and any donations to the project are absolutely voluntarily.
Some authors seem to try to make money with their work, which is ok, but as soon it starts to have impact on other parts of the system this starts to be a problem.
The users often don't realise that these nag screen where generated by a 3rd party plugin that was not closed 'the propper way' so they think it's a WDLXTV nag and we get a lot of messages complaining about nag screen I didn't even know about till that day.
That's a bit unfair because now we (who do everything for free already) have to explain that's not WDLXTV causing this, find the plugin resposible and tell the users to complain to the plugin author.
Please get rid of those nag screen, I'm perfectly fine with restricted functionality for plugins which require a 'donation' (imho this is not a donation but a payment) but nag screens are just evil, especially if they don't work correct and overlay other plugins/addons/system components!

100% agreed.

Put a notice on the WEC configuration page instead if you really want to require users to pay for the full featureset. Nag screen in general are a bad idea, and will often work AGAINST you, as annoyed people will simply ditch the nagware and move to something else.
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