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how can I make two custom plugins

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how can I make two custom plugins   

Postby sturmey » Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:40 am

So I followed the instructions and got a live audio stream to work. This went well and I only had 1-2 problems that needed figuring out. I think it was about half an hour to get everything working. Thanks to all who develop and post stuff here.

So now I want to create a second item, but I know that I can't create a second file called umsp.php with the code in it, so I'm guessing that I have to add it into the first file I created. But, do I add everything again including the <?php tags and all the stuff, or do I just add the variables and code that are inside the tag, or what?

I only know a little bit of php and a little bit of bash, so I'm really good at wrecking things and not so good at creating them.
Thanks for your help

OK, I played around a bit more and figured it out.
copy all the stuff including the <php tags. but now I have to figure out how to get a mms stream to play.

I'm working on
Code: Select all

edit reason: I figured it out
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