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Local (LAN) private Shoutcast Server

Discussion, features, plugins--everything about zoster's UMSP UPnP Media Server software

Local (LAN) private Shoutcast Server   

Postby Klaws » Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:57 pm


as navigating a huge music collection via TV screen and remote is a real pain (compared to the UI of, let's say, Winamp or MixMeister), I figured that I should try to run a private Shoutcast server on the LAN (accessible on inside the LAN, not advertized on the Shoutcast Yellow Pages) and have the WDTV Live connect to it. So I made a /conf/umsp.php, uploaded it via ftp and, to my surprise, it worked:
Code: Select all
global $myMediaItems;

# Copy and repeat for multiple items:
$data = array('stream_url' => '');
$dataString = http_build_query($data, 'var_');
$encDataString = htmlentities($dataString);
$myMediaItems[] = array(
    'id'         => 'umsp://plugins/shoutcast?stream=1',
    'parentID'   => '0',
    'restricted' => '1',
    'dc:title'   => 'Shoutcast',
    'upnp:class' => 'object.item.audioItem',
    'res'        => '' . $encDataString,
    'duration'   => '24:00:00',            #Attribute of res
    'upnp:album_art'=> '',
    'protocolInfo'  => 'http-get:*:audio/mpeg:*',
#   'upnp:artist'   => 'Powered by',
#   'upnp:album'    => 'WWW.SHOUTCAST.COM',

It's basically based on copy-&-paste and a bit of guesswork, so I don't known if it's the "optimum solution", but it appears to work...

Note that the Shoutcast server is configured at port 8000, sending 320kBit/s mp3. Yup, I did set Sleep=100 in sc_serv.ini.

Best regards, Klaus


Changed on 2012-09-06: it appears that the path to the UMSP Shoutcast proxy has changed during one of the last updates. I fixed the above code example to reflect this. Before:
Code: Select all
     'res'        => '' . $encDataString,

Code: Select all
     'res'        => '' . $encDataString,
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