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UMSP Plugin :: Revision3

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Re: UMSP Plugin :: Revision3   

Postby shunte » Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:43 pm

afraid I can't help you there, looks like all the search functionality under Rev3 is a 3rd party impl. and whatever tag mechanism they have in play is less than ideal and rather black box

you'd hit the exact same issues as you're finding with the plug-in using the Rev3 site directly (given its the same engine)

There are other resources out there, example the Rev3 interface under Google TV, that provide a much better search experience.

If I had time to sniff the traffic and reverse engineer that implementation then it'd be a much better tool on the WD too - I just don't have those cycles at the moment - too busy watching old Rev3 shows on my Logitech Revue :P

Actually I'm re-tooling a couple of other plug-ins that are in a much sorrier state than Rev3, but your request to beef up the functionality is in the queue
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Re: UMSP Plugin :: Revision3   

Postby gillotv » Sun May 05, 2013 8:26 am

I've just fixed the plugin. Thanks to mad_ady and b-rad for their precious hints, the new version has been uploaded into the repository.

It seems that the original web page has changed, and the old version of the plugin was unable to parse it correctly to find all the links.

For further notices or feedback, just send me a PM or post a reply here.

Hope this helps.


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