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*Updated 4/27/12* Plugin: VideoScreensaver

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Re: *Updated 4/27/12* Plugin: VideoScreensaver   

Postby recliq » Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:19 am

like I said in PM, for reference to others let me repeat it here:

Don't use svn mkdir on a remote repo, yes it should be possible, but you should get used to a workflow of creating new dirs and files in your local checkout tree and commit it to remote repository as a whole when you finished (and error checked & tested) your new app/plugin. ;)

PS: I think your syntax is wrong KAD, accoring to this: link you need to specify -m since it's a commit at the same time...

Create a directory in your working copy:
Code: Select all
$ svn mkdir newdir
A         newdir

Create one in the repository (this is an instant commit, so a log message is required):
Code: Select all
$ svn mkdir -m "Making a new dir."

Committed revision 26.

Anyways this does not explain the library error! :/
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Re: *Updated 4/27/12* Plugin: VideoScreensaver   

Postby KAD » Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:01 am

yeah, why the missing lib :shock:
who knows

my WD throws the same error even whe attempting a check out, using the syntax you provided me
but regardless

I learned something, and the recommendation to use a linux PC, makes a lot more sense than using the WD to do this stuff

anyways thanks again
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