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WDTV live hub recovery instructions

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WDTV live hub recovery instructions   

Postby goranzaric » Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:14 am

I'm not responsible for any damage that may happend in the process!

Hy I just registered to apply this post to anyone who has bricked wd tv live hub to that
point that even yamon will not give you command prompt that you can at least ftp the firmware files.

In my case even the ethernet port was not working because of the lightnin strike.

I receved for free wd tv live hub witch was completly bricked even via putty yamon woud not
boot completley but showing only that file system is missing in nand and then froze

After two weeks of sufring the net and searcing for solutions and gathering knolage
I managed to recover completly wdtv live hub. The process is next:

first aquire next things

sata hdd ( i used fujitsu 100gb)
download the offical firmware from wd page and extract all of it on usb drive ( i used 4gb philips)
download sata-recovery_lin file from (my page or search the net for the file)


Use free software HXD (hex editor )
in HXD open sata-recovery_lin and copy all content to sata hdd on the begining of the disk (sector 0).

install hdd into wdtv live hub and plug usb into back port

with power disconected short the pins by picture ( i used pice of wire and also the screwdriver)

connect the power and you shoud se terminal output like this:

*** No valid zxenv found in DevType 0 CS#0, phyblock#0 ! ***
*** No valid zxenv found in DevType 0 CS#0, phyblock#1 ! ***
No valid zxenv found in device group 0 CS#0
No valid zxenv found in device group 0 CS#1
No valid zxenv found in device group 1 CS#0
No valid zxenv found in device group 1 CS#1
SATA drive spin-up in progress, please standby...

when you see "SATA drive spin-up in progress, please standby..." disconect the short on nand
the system will search the firmware and install it onto hdd wait until it complets and reboots.
after reboot it will not work because it still searches the nand for firmware.
Disconect the power short the nand and power it on and leave the short until SATA drive spin-up is displayed
this time it will boot the system of a HDD and when it will start it will ask you if you woud wish to
format the HDD and cancel that


take the usb with the firmware and edit the wdtvlivehub.ver file and change


That meens that we have changed the version number of firmware.
Plug it into wdtv and it will show that the new firmware is avalible.

Make the update proces because it will then write all the complete firmware into NAND

and after reboot if all went well it will start wdtv from nand and then you can format HDD to use it for
wdtv or plug the original wdtv hdd with your movies etc.

Sorry on my english for mistakes I dont realy have time to write such manuals becase of work and the kids.
Everything what I have wrote worked on my wdtv live hub and now it works great with wifi dongle except youtube
but that is another story to be told :D

Best regards to every one and best wishes
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Re: WDTV live hub recovery instructions   

Postby mad_ady » Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:43 am

Great instructions. Hope they will be handy for somebody. I made your post sticky so that it will not be lost. Can a moderator with more rights/knowledge move this to Nitty Grity instead of noob central?
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