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DVB-T rtl8232 kernel module []

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DVB-T rtl8232 kernel module []   

Postby sailort » Thu May 20, 2010 3:35 am

Hi @ll,

here is precompiled v4l-dvb kernel module (driver) for rtl2832u based usb dvb-t tuners for use with WDTV Live.

Download here
unpack, place to root of drive attached to WDTV during boot and reboot.
Drivers should load upon boot.



WDTVEXt TV plugin is on drawing desk :D
If anyone working on this also, please let me know to not duplicate efforts...

...compilation guide will appear here eventually...

Usefull information:
i2c-core issue:
dma address issue:

********* ORIGINAL POST HERE *******************************************************************

Hi guys,

After few days of trying to build/compile driver for rtl8232 I need to ask for help as I'm stuck and don't know how to progress.

What I did on Debinan Lenny as VMware machine, x86
1. downloaded WDTV GPL package for 1.02.21
2. unpacked to /home/wdtv
3. downloaded rtl2832 v4l driver from here
4. unpacked to /home/wdtv

Then I have tried few things

First was to try compile driver for running Debian:
1. downloaded linux kernel source version as host debian (2.6.26)
2. recompiled linux
3. compiled rtl2832 driver
4. This produced !usable! driver which did load on reboot and worked (scanned channels found some stations), so driver source is ok

Second thing was try to compile against WDTV:
1. in /homw/wdtv/Villa... sourced toolchain.env
2. this has properly set cross build enviroment using supplied compiler
3. built linux kernel using without errors (haven't seen nothing critical in log)
4. unpacked rtl2832 driver again (make clean doesn't seem to clean everything), set ./l4v/.version to target kernel version ( to build against wdtv kernel version
5. tried to build driver (make in v4l-... directory)
6. This isn't producing driver ko, not even usb-dvb.ko, make ends up with something like "found 81 modules", while compiling again host kernel gives like 300, so obviously not everything is built

Compiling on WDTV:
1. downloaded sqeeze img from b-rad, apt-get update, apt-get install build-essential
2. unpacked, resized
3. copied, unpacked GPL package
4. had to make links for buld tools (gcc, ld, objdump, ...) in /usr/bin with prefixed mips-linux-gnu-
5. compiled linux kernel from Villa ( using installed build tools (not ones supplied with WDTV GPL)
6. Took some time :D
7. Then I tried to compile rtl driver, but this ends up with similar results as while crosscompilling on Debian VM not producing driver ko, usb-dvb.ko, ...

I have now tried to compile against newer kernel (2.6.26.) using crosscompile provided by WD GPL package.
Modules are compiled now (though one important is missing), but on loading them I've got error "invalid module format".

OK. I have tried different approach. Instead of compiling whole v4l package which doesn't work I have patched/updated original wdtv linux kernel drivers. Now I have successfully compiled modules. dvb-core even load an is Live. Others state
Code: Select all
modprobe: 'i2c-core.ko': unknown symbol in module or invalid parameter
modprobe: 'dvb-usb.ko': unknown symbol in module or invalid parameter
modprobe: 'dvb-usb-rtl2832u.ko': unknown symbol in module or invalid parameter

Code: Select all
i2c_core: Unknown symbol __i2c_board_list
i2c_core: Unknown symbol __i2c_first_dynamic_bus_num
i2c_core: Unknown symbol __i2c_board_lock
dvb_usb: Unknown symbol i2c_del_adapter
dvb_usb: Unknown symbol i2c_add_adapter
dvb_usb: Unknown symbol i2c_transfer
dvb_usb: Unknown symbol dvb_pll_configure
dvb_usb_rtl2832u: Unknown symbol dvb_usb_device_init
dvb_usb_rtl2832u: Unknown symbol dvb_usb_device_exit

Hope that I'm close...

Solution for Uknown symbols was to use derlinuxer compiled i2c-core.ko (root of this seems to be in linux kernel sources problem)
Now module can load, but I'm facing dma_address conversion problem.
Can anyone help with this?
I'm so close...

Can anyone help me with this? Maybe some of you guys who has "functionally approved" build enviroment can try to build this driver for me?
Or anyone can give me some hints what to do?

I have searched/read a lot around trust me, but I'm stuck now. Having working usb dvb stick on WDTV would be great and will open further
works around this (I have few ideas already).

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Re: DVB-T rtl8232 kernel module []   

Postby sailort » Fri May 21, 2010 8:38 am

*** heartbeat ***
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Re: DVB-T rtl8232 kernel module []   

Postby PaulF » Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:07 pm

I am trying to compile the HDHR dvb driver on the WDTV using your method.

I started with a enlarged b-rad Debian image. So far I have only needed to install three packages. I modified your method slightly so I thought I would post the change.

apt-get update
apt-get kernel-package libncurses5-dev gawk

kernel-package installs all the tool dependencies except curses needed for curses based configuring with "make menuconfig" and gawk which is needed for the sigma specific WDTV makes.

I did "tar xvf linux_kernel_2.6.22.19-19.tgz" in the /usr/src directory which makes the source tree /usr/src/linux_kernel_2.6.22.19-19.

I copied linux_kernel_2.6.22.19_config to /usr/src/linux_kernel_2.6.22.19-19/.config
Then I edited .config changing CONFIG_CROSSCOMPILE=y to CONFIG_CROSSCOMPILE=n. CONFIG_CROSSCOMPILE=y puts mips-linux-gnu- in front of all the tools in the make files as you noticed.

The dvb drivers in the WDTV source compiled fine. The HDHR compile did not work at all. The networked HDHR driver uses a new interface to the NETDEVICE introduced in 2.6.26(the commit changed 65 files including dvb_net.c). So I am stuck for now. I may try modding the HDHR dvb driver source to use the old net method or I may try porting your WDTVext code to UMSP php code, if you don't mind.

I was hoping the new WD GPL release used a new kernel, but it is the same. They now include the actual kernel patch files, though.
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Re: DVB-T rtl8232 kernel module []   

Postby guitarhead » Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:15 am

Hi there,

does anyone still have the app.bin file. I'd like to use that kind of stick but megaupload is gone for a long time now and sailort hasn't been online for a long time, too.

Thank you!

The Guitarhead
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Re: DVB-T rtl8232 kernel module []   

Postby recliq » Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:27 pm

I think this is a copy of the files sailort once pushed to SVN (which had to be removed due to SVN structure change). :ugeek:
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