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app.bins creation - important changes

Here is the place to inquire about app.bins--Only currently available apps for sigma 8655 based wdtv's belong in this forum. requests go in 'Application Questions'

app.bins creation - important changes   

Postby RMerlin » Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:18 am

Howdy folks,

With the next WDLXTV release comes a new Addons Manager, as well as a web-based online repository that will allow users to easily download and install new applications through a web interface.

I urge all app.bin developpers to update their existing app.bins to follow the required changes to ensure that their app.bins will interface with these new functionalities the day 0.5.0 gets released.

I have updated the Wiki page with the new XML manifest information. Please have a look at and start adding a proper application.xml (and also README and version if you haven't done so yet) to your app.bins.

If you are interested in having your app.bin published on the official WDLXTV main repo, please contact one of the WDLXTV devs (b-rad, recliq or myself)

Information on how to setup your own repo will be published later once they are finalized and put down in writing.

Also: We're Hiring!

We are looking for one dedicated person willing to take on the role as "Application Manager". Your job will be to take care of committing submitted app.bins to the new online repository, and keeping them up-to-date when updates get submitted to you by their dev. You will also have to ensure that there is no serious issue/breakage with them.

You will need some basic SVN knowledge, but that is essentially knowing how to type two or three commands - nothing difficult provided you have some decent Linux knowledge.

Send b-rad a PM if you're interested.
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