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WDLXTV_0.5.8.1 USD DD is not reconized on boot

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WDLXTV_0.5.8.1 USD DD is not reconized on boot   

Postby herve06 » Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:26 am


When my USB DD (WD MyBook essential 1Tb) is connected on USB 1 of the WDTV, the WDTV does not boot. (I see the WD screenshot and after a black screen).
I have wait severals hours.
If I boot the WDTV without my USB DD, and then after the boot, i connect it. It is recognized.

Some days before, i was able to boot with my USB Drive connected. I did not change anything on it.
The USB Drive contains 3 primary partitions : 2 in type fat32 (about 420 Mb) and 1 NTFS (about 100 Mb).

I have already resolved it by deleted and recreated all my partitions. But this time, i would not loose my datas.
I have checked my partitions on Windows : there is no error.

Do you have some ideas ?

Thanks In advance for your help.

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