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WDTV as Set-top-Box for IPTV service

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WDTV as Set-top-Box for IPTV service   

Postby fortscan » Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:40 pm


We are an ISP offering IPTV services using Amino Set-top-Boxes, mostly for VoD.

The scenario is very simple, doesn't require multicast, and implies connecting to our movies in mp4 format at our streaming servers.

Has anyone had experiences with WDTV under a similar scenario?

We are interested in investigating how firmware could be customized to fit our VoD offering, probably offering the end-user a similar interface to the one at Roku (Netflix player). For instance, the WDTV could render a list of available mp4 movies from our servers, display the corresponding thumbnails on TV (images provided by our servers), and allow the beginning of MPEG4 playing when the user clicks on a movie title.

Any comment/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: WDTV as Set-top-Box for IPTV service   

Postby CazH » Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:30 pm

They way I look at it it's allready possible. Have the server share a folder with all the videos and use net mounts to mount the folder as a local folder and you are done. Thumbnails are created on the server and you can use moviesheets if you feel like it.

As for security, you could make the servers filter out any ip not a customer of yours. Or you could use sshfs, that would however put a ekstra load on you servers compared to nfs.

The customer could access the videos from any machine on their network but as far as I see that shouldn't be a problem seeing as they pay for the service?

Hope this helps, would love if my ISP bother to do stuff like this and not just use a crappy motorola box.
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