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WDLXTV_G2- WiFi wont ASUS WL-167g

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WDLXTV_G2- WiFi wont ASUS WL-167g   

Postby Geisti » Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:02 pm

After hours of testing, Wifi isnt working with ASUS WL-167g ( VID 0B05 PID 1706 ) - the Stick is listed working, but i couldnt get an connection. Not with WPA, WPA2 and also without any encryption. Im dont have any ideas what to do now... :cry:

Router is FritzBox7270 with latest Firmware... :|

Maybe somebody is able to tell me, how to get the logfiles out of my WDTV_Gen2 without WiFi working!? Is there any way to write something logged to the Stick with Ext3-Image? :?:

Thanks in advance :!:
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Re: WDLXTV_G2- WiFi wont ASUS WL-167g   

Postby shadowncs » Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:01 am

I'm also trying to get an old Asus WL-167g working with a Gen 1 WDTV. Mine is VID=0b05 PID=1706 so it should use the RT2570 driver. I'm using WDLXTV firmware.
I'd be interested on ext-3 logging in order to try the ext-3 firmware (some people got lucky)

Note: in their infinite wisdom, Asus has WL-167g in 2 versions, the other one being PID=1723(?) which would use RT73 driver.
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