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WDLXTV-G2 4.1.9-6 Media Library not reading AAC files

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WDLXTV-G2 4.1.9-6 Media Library not reading AAC files   

Postby Rorscach » Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:57 pm

I've noticed a bug which sort of renders the media library a bit useless when playing music.

The ID3 tags don't seem to be read properly so when viewing by genre for example, only mp3 tracks which are categorised are included in the media library.
Perhaps other file formats are read, but I only have AAC and MP3 files on my drive. The AAC tracks are not read and so I have to browse by folders to find my music.

I'm pretty sure that this bug was not there on the official firmware, but maybe I'll downgrade again to test this out if you need me to.
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