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Using WDLXTV-G2 for info display

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Using WDLXTV-G2 for info display   

Postby haapati » Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:33 am

What would be the best way to do these thing:
- looping presentation (diashow) which includes images and videos (playlist)
- to show html content (webpage) part of this loop (playlist)
- automatic update/load the playlist and needed files to WDLXTV-G2 (to usb memory stick) from web server.

It would be good if the presentation starts right away when device boot's up. Easy for end-user to install.

There would be some kind of web service for building presentation (playlist). UI for loading videos and images. WDLXTV-G2 would update the playlist stuff from there.

I'm just are intersted to know how it's possible to play that kind of playlist (videos, images, webpages). Well you all know how the info display's work in the shopping malls for example.

By the way, how much internal memory WDLXTV-G2 has?
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Re: Using WDLXTV-G2 for info display   

Postby mad_ady » Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:36 pm

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the G2 (and no other WDTV) can display web pages onscreen. It can show videos/images.
With regards to playlists, as far as I know they can either have videos or images, but it doesn't handle well when you mix the two. You could probably write your own script to handle this situation and force it to play the content (look at the for an example), but you would have to do it.

The internal memory on these devices is about 100K for configuration. You would have to use a USB drive/network share for anything else.
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Re: Using WDLXTV-G2 for info display   

Postby recliq » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:09 am

Also this sounds very much like some comercial project... we don't do comercial projects for nothing.
There are a lot tools and tips on the forum you can use to get some of the requested features implemented, but if you're looking for a complete solution your on your own.
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Re: Using WDLXTV-G2 for info display   

Postby haapati » Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:54 am

Yeah, I know this sounds like a commercial project and maybe it will be some day. Right know i'm looking for a solutions to build info screen system on lan game party. Well this is short of commercial too. We sell tickets :D

I did not expect a complete solution. Just a pieces and help looking for them. Like links to the tools and tips as you mentioned.
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