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WDLXTV_G2- + SMB + Mac OS 10.6 workaround

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WDLXTV_G2- + SMB + Mac OS 10.6 workaround   

Postby halabut » Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:24 am

This isn't exactly a bug, just a combination of two weird behaviours:
SMB (over Netbios) usually works through ports 135-139.
WDLXTV-G2 only shares SMB through port 139.
Mac OS 10.6 expects SMB to be shared through port that's not 139.

So to get 10.6 to connect to a SMB share from WDLXTV-G2 I've had to specify the port in the connection (e.g. connect to smb://192.168.x.x:139)

I wonder how long it'll take for Apple to fix this.

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