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supported network devices in WDLXTV_G2-

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supported network devices in WDLXTV_G2-   

Postby » Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:48 am

To use this list you must find out the vid:pid identifier for your usb network device. This can can found in Linux via lsusb or in windows by inspecting the device properties.

8192cu : v4855p0091 v07AAp0056 v2019pAB2B v7392p7822 v0586p341F v2001p3309 v2001p330A v2001p3307 v07B8p8178 v3359p13D3 v3358p13D3 v4855p0090 v20F4p648B v2019pAB2A v050Dp1102 v2001p3308 v103Cp1629 v06F8pE033 v0EB0p9071 v07B8p8188 v7392p7811 v0DF6p0052 v2019pED17 v07B8p8189 v0BDAp817C v0BDAp817E v0BDAp8754 v0BDAp817D v0BDAp817B v0BDAp817A v0BDAp8170 v0BDAp8177 v0BDAp8176 v0BDAp8191

8712u : v083ApC512 v13D3p3325 v13D3p3311 v13D3p3310 v13D3p3309 v13D3p3306 v0B05p1791 v0B05p1786 v0E66p0016 v0E66p0015 v0DF6p0045 v7392p7622 v7392p7612 v7392p7611 v06F8pE031 v050Dp845A v050Dp945A v050Dp815F v1740p9605 v1740p9603 v14B2p3302 v14B2p3301 v14B2p3300 v07D1p3300 v07D1p3302 v07D1p3303 v07D1p3304 v07AAp0047 v07B8p8188 v0BDApC512 v0BDAp8713 v0BDAp8712 v0BDAp8174 v0BDAp8173 v0BDAp8172 v0BDAp8171

arusb_lnx : v0586p3417 v0ACEp1221 v0CDEp0026 v0CDEp0023 v2019p5304 v0846p9001 v04BBp093F vCACEp0300 v057Cp8402 v057Cp8401 v0CF3p1002 v0CF3p1001 v083ApF522 v0846p9010 v07D1p3A09 v07D1p3C10 v0CF3p9170

asix : v0B95p772A v0DB0pA877 v05ACp1402 v0411p006E v14EApAB11 v050Dp5055 v04BBp0930 v1737p0039 v2001p3C05 v07D1p3C05 v1557p7720 v13B1p0018 v0B95p1780 v0B95p7720 v04F1p3008 v1631p6200 v1189p0893 v07AAp0017 v6189p182D v0411p003D v0557p2009 v08DDp90FF v07B8p420A v0B95p1720 v2001p1A00 v0846p1040 v077Bp2226

catc : v08D1p0001 v0423p000C v0423p000A

cdc_ether : v07B4p0F02 v04DDp9050 v04DDp9032 v04DDp9031 v04DDp8007 v04DDp8006 v04DDp8005 v04DDp8004

cdc_subset : v0525pA4A2 v8086p07D3 v0E7Ep1001 v049Fp505A v0525p9901 v056Cp8100 v050Dp0004

dm9601 : v0A46p9000 v0FE6p8101 v0A47p9601 v0A46p8515 v0A46p0268 v0A46p6688 v0A46p9601 v07AAp9601

kaweth : v2001p4000 v1668p0323 v1645p8005 v1645p0008 v1645p0005 v1485p0002 v1485p0001 v13D2p0400 v1342p0204 v10BDp1427 v095Ap3003 v0951p0008 v087Dp5704 v085Ap0009 v085Ap0008 v0846p1002 v0846p1001 v07B8p4000 v07AAp0001 v0707p0100 v06E1p0009 v06E1p0008 v066Bp2202 v05E9p0009 v05E9p0008 v0565p0005 v0565p0003 v0565p0002 v0557p4000 v0557p2002 v0506p11F8 v0506p03E8 v04BBp0901 v03E8p0008

mcs7830 : v0DF6p0021 v9710p7730 v9710p7830

net1080 : v06D0p0622 v0525p1080

pegasus : v067Cp1001 v15E8p9110 v15E8p9100 v0707p0201 v0707p0200 v08D1p0003 v0B39p0901 v0B39p0109 v0846p1020 v045Ep007A v0411p0009 v0411p0005 v0411p0001 v066Bp200C v066Bp400B v077Bp08B4 v066Bp2206 v066Bp2204 v066Bp2203 v066Bp2202 v056Ep200C v056EpABC1 v056Ep400B v056Ep4005 v056Ep4002 v0951p000A v04BBp0913 v04BBp0904 v03F0p811C v0E66p400C v1044p8002 v05CCp3000 v1342p0304 v056Ep4010 v0DB7p0002 v2001pABC1 v2001p4003 v2001p200C v2001p400B v2001p4102 v2001p4002 v2001p4001 v07AAp000D v07AAp0004 v08DDp8511 v08DDp0988 v049Fp8511 v08DDp0987 v08DDp0986 v050Dp0121 v07C9pB100 v3334p1701 v07A6p07C2 v07A6p0986 v07A6p8515 v07A6p8513 v07A6p8511 v083ApB004 v083Ap5046 v083Ap1046 v07B8p200C v07B8pABC1 v07B8p400C v07B8p400B v07B8p4002 v07B8p4102 v07B8p4007 v07B8p4004 v07B8p4104 v07B8p110C v0557p2007 v0506p4601

rt2570 : v5A57p0260 v0EB0p9020 v114Bp0110 v0707pEE13 v0681p3C06 v148Fp9020 v148Fp2573 v148Fp2570 v148Fp1706 v0DB0p6869 v0DB0p6865 v0DB0p6861 v0411p0097 v0411p008B v0411p0067 v0411p0066 v0411p005E v06F8pE000 v1044p8007 v1044p8001 v2001p3C00 v14B2p3C02 v13B1p001A v13B1p0011 v13B1p000D v050Dp705A v050Dp7051 v050Dp7050 v0B05p1707 v0B05p1706

rt3370sta : v0DF6p0050 v0E66p0013 v0586p341A v050Dp935B v050Dp935A v050Dp825B v0411p016F v0411p0158 v0411p015D v1737p0078 v0789p0166 v07FAp7712 v13D3p3321 v13D3p3307 v083ApA703 v0DB0p821A v0DB0p3821 v0DB0p822A v0DB0p871A v0DB0p3871 v0DB0p3822 v0DB0p870A v0DB0p3870 v0DB0p899A v203Dp14A9 v0B05p1784 v20B8p8888 v203Dp1480 v04BBp0948 v04BBp0947 v04BBp0945 v5A57p0283 v5A57p5257 v1D4Dp0011 v1D4Dp000E v1D4Dp000C v07D1p3C17 v07D1p3C16 v07D1p3C15 v07D1p3C0F v07D1p3C0E v07D1p3C0D v07D1p3C0B v07D1p3C0A v1EDAp2310 v1A32p0304 v7392p7711 v07B8p3072 v07B8p3071 v07B8p3070 v2019p5201 v2019pED14 v2019pAB25 v1044p800D v13D3p3305 v13D3p3273 v1740p9709 v1740p9708 v1740p9707 v1740p9706 v1740p9705 v1740p9703 v083ApA702 v083ApA701 v083Ap7511 v18C5p0012 v14B2p3C12 v0DF6p004D v0DF6p004A v0DF6p0048 v0DF6p0047 v0DF6p0040 v0DF6p003E v0DF6p003D v0DF6p003C v0DF6p003B v0DB0p822B v0DB0p871B v0DB0p822C v0DB0p871C v0DB0p3820 v148Fp3072 v148Fp3071 v148Fp3070 v148Fp2070

rt3572sta : v1737p0079 v0930p0A07 v167Bp4001 v5A57p0284 v1690p0744 v1690p0740 v04BBp0944 v0DF6p0042 v0DF6p0041 v1740p9801 v148Fp8070 v148Fp3572 v148Fp3370 v0DB0p6899 v100Dp9031 v0411p0148 v0411p00E8 v1737p0071 v1737p0070 v7392p7718 v7392p7717 v5A57p0282 v5A57p0280 v04E8p2018 v050Dp825A v050Dp815C v050Dp805C v050Dp8053 v157Ep3013 v157Ep300E v129Bp1828 v0E66p0003 v0E66p0001 v15C5p0008 v13D3p3247 v0471p200F v1740p9702 v1740p9701 v0CDEp0025 v0586p3416 v0CDEp0022 v083Ap6618 v083Ap7522 v083Ap7512 v083Ap8522 v083ApA618 v083ApB522 v15A9p0006 v1044p800B v07AAp003F v07AAp003C v07AAp002F v07D1p3C13 v07D1p3C11 v07D1p3C09 v2019pED06 v14B2p3C28 v14B2p3C27 v14B2p3C25 v14B2p3C23 v14B2p3C09 v14B2p3C07 v14B2p3C06 v0DF6p003F v0DF6p0039 v0DF6p002D v0DF6p002C v0DF6p002B v0DF6p0017 v1761p0B05 v0B05p1761 v0B05p1760 v0B05p1742 v0B05p1732 v0B05p1731 v177Fp0302 v0789p0164 v0789p0163 v0789p0162 v1482p3C09 v07B8p2770 v07B8p2870 v148Fp2870 v148Fp2770

rt73 : v1740p7100 v07AAp002E v15A9p0004 v06F8pE020 v06F8pE010 v2019pAB50 v2019pAB01 v13B1p0023 v13B1p0020 v07D1p3C07 v07D1p3C06 v07D1p3C04 v07D1p3C03 v050Dp905C v050Dp905B v050Dp7050 v050Dp705A v0B05p1724 v0B05p1723 v0586p3415 v0411p00F4 v0411p00D8 v0EB0p9021 v148Fp9021 v0DF6p90AC v0DF6p9712 v1690p0722 v1631pC019 v1371p9032 v1371p9022 v1472p0009 v0769p31F3 v07B8pB21D v0DB0pA874 v0DB0pA861 v0DB0p6877 v0DB0p6874 v14B2p3C22 v1044p800A v1044p8008 v18E8p6238 v18E8p6229 v18E8p6196 v04BBp093D v148Fp2671 v148Fp2573

rtl8150 : v0586p401A v1557p8150 v07B8p401A v3980p0003 v0411p0012 v0BDAp8150

rtl8187 : v0846p6A00 v0846p6100 v0BDAp8187

zd1201 : v1044p8005 v0DB0p6823 v050Dp6051 v0ACEp1201 v0586p3400

zd1211rw : v0ACEp20FF v0ACEp2011 v0053p5301 v0586p3413 v0586p3412 v0BAFp0121 v0586p3410 v0B05p171B v0586p340F v13B1p0024 v0471p1236 v083Ap4505 v050Dp705C v1582p6003 v079Bp0062 v157Ep300D v0ACEp1215 v13B1p001E v14EApAB13 v0586p3401 v0B3Bp1630 v0586p3409 v1435p0711 v0B05p170C v0B3Bp5630 v0586p3402 v157Ep3204 v1740p2000 v079Bp004A v157Ep300B v0DF6p9075 v0DF6p9071 v6891pA727 v126FpA006 v07B8p6001 v0ACEp1211
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Re: supported network devices in   

Postby akrutsko » Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:53 am on g2? what does it mean?
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Re: supported network devices in   

Postby RMerlin » Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:57 am

It means go have a look at :lol:
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Re: supported network devices in WDLXTV_G2-   

Postby Socram » Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:22 am

Okay, I'm really confused right now.

I use my WDTVG2 now quite a while with a D-Link DWA-140 WLAN stick. My net.config had 'modprobe rt2870sta' uncommented, which was the chipset of my stick according to some research, and it worked.

But since (I think, not 100% sure on that one) the problems began: The stick did neither show lifesigns by blinking nor could be detected in the network. I tried a different USB slot on the WDTV and the stick itself on my computer, both work fine.
So I came and checked the vid:pid of my DWA-140. It has the vid:pid 'v07D1p3C0A' according to windows. This would put him into the 'rt3370sta' category according to this list. 'rt2870sta' is not even there :shock: It still shows up in the net.config of, though. Also, the 'rt3370sta' of this list is not existing in the net.config. Quite weird.

To be on the safe side I then tried the new 'network-device-detector', but the DWA-140 still pretended to be dead.

So I tried my old WLAN stick I used with my PC up until now, after I found out that it's vid:pid (don't know it atm, it's plugged into the WDTV) is listed here in the 'zd1211rw' family, which is even existent in the net.config. The device even flashes it's green light when plugged into the WDTV, creating high hopes in me. But neither uncommenting 'zd1211rw' nor the 'network-device-detector' could bring my WDTV back into the network :cry:
Activating DHCP did also not help (I usually use a static IP for network devices).

I'm a little clueless right now. Any ideas?


P.S.: All testing was assuming that the net.config on the attached pen drive has a higher priority than the one in /conf. The latter could still have an old WLAN password, but if I can't access the WDTV over the network, how should I can't change it? ;)
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Re: supported network devices in WDLXTV_G2-   

Postby ceset114 » Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:16 am

It has problem with RT3070 drivers.

I have Edimax EW-7711UMn Ralink RT3070 Ralink RT3070.


I cant connect with manual selection or detector system.

Green light is always up. No blinks.

Note: I can connect to network with Padavan(1.9.4) firmware but i want to use wdlxtv.

Thank you
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Re: supported network devices in WDLXTV_G2-   

Postby » Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:09 pm

paste your exact net.config file as a bug report in the bug forum and i'll attempt to help you. The adapter I have available is an rt3072 dongle that uses the same driver as rt3070 devices, and it works flawlessly.
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Re: supported network devices in WDLXTV_G2-   

Postby nogo » Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:23 am

Hi B-Rad kindly add my wifi dongle to your next custom fw upgrade. I have rtl8187l wifi dongle.

I have tried my dongle with other custom fw '1.01.77.ext.7' it works fine. I dont want to use this custom fw because all forums are in russian language.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: supported network devices in WDLXTV_G2-   

Postby env » Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:58 am


I've just bought an WD TV HD G2 1.1.77.
This firmware can't recognize wma pro sound codec.
I would like to upgrade the firmware with an WDLXTV firmware from b-rad.
I have two questions:
- Which firmware should I install?
- After it, can I install the original firmware from WD if I would like to "downgrade" my player to the factory defaults?

Thank you in advance,
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Re: supported network devices in WDLXTV_G2-   

Postby Socram » Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:27 am

- the newest
- yes

P.S.: Please don't use a thread about network devices for your request, when is doesn't have anything to do with it ;)
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Re: supported network devices in WDLXTV_G2-   

Postby tetris11_ » Sun May 22, 2011 2:34 pm

Hey lads, just a quick query :-

I have dongle with zd1211b chipset.
Would this work under the zd1211rw chipsets listed above?

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