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WDLXTV setup

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WDLXTV setup   

Postby djanton73 » Wed Jul 17, 2013 5:44 am

Hello all

I'm a newbie here

I have WDLXTV installed & WD Essential as my media storage. I've manage to use Moviesheet, Telnet etc. It's a really nice program actually.

Two days ago, I just bought a WD My Book Live (MBL) personal cloud storage and I intend to use it as my media storage as well as the Essential does.

The problem is, MBL only has one port available, which is a LAN port. So I connected both WDTV and MBL to my router and play the movie files with my WDTV through Network Shares.

But when I'm looking to create WDTVExt Plugins, WDLXTV seems doesn't recognize/detect the MBL. I know that's because it doesn't connected to USB.

Well, I ain't much for a programmer. I use the WDLXTV Wiki as a guide but I don't know where do I have to start when it comes to this.

Should anyone here in the forum help me with a "step by step" guidance and with a "understandable language" I would be grateful.

Cheers :)
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Re: WDLXTV setup   

Postby recliq » Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:24 am

Don't double post. Continue here:
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