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RGB color plane adjustments / panel alignment correction

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RGB color plane adjustments / panel alignment correction   

Postby noreason » Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:50 pm

Most "3LCD" projectors have problems with panel alignment. The 3 separate LCDs for each color are usually off by some amount, causing slight color bands around edges and making the image a bit soft. On my projector for example, the red LCD is shifted left by one pixel and the blue is shifted about one right and one down. Most people do not really notice, but once you start to see it it gets annoying.

I can use the "Haali Video Renderer" instead of EVR/VMR on my PC, it has an option to shift the color planes, to compensate for misaligned panels. With MPC I can also instead use a pixel shader which does the same effect. Compensating panel alignment on projectors increases the sharpness quite a lot and gives a cleaner image without color bands.

Do you think that it would be possible to add such functionality to WDLXTV? I guess it might be possible to get hold of the decoded RGB frame and do manual pixel correction. I am a software developer myself, if you think that there is a chance, I could even look into this myself. Of cause I would need the sources and perhaps a hint of where to start.
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