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Windows 10 update

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Windows 10 update   

Postby bobelon » Sat Dec 05, 2015 4:19 pm

Finally got wdtv up and running on win 8.1 with no freeze-ups. We did have to turn it off and on by unplugging the power but all was good. We just upgraded to windows 10 and now can't access (find?) any files on our computer. We have tried resetting the "box" but still cannot access our computer video files. What up??
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Re: Windows 10 update   

Postby Calcolacodici » Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:44 pm

Hi, I hope help you...
First, sorry for my english, it's important for me, other write this messagge I try to translate the name of option in my italian system :D
Second: I have the same problem but I have resolve it changing one option in this damned system, but I have a second problem -.-'

- right click on start button ---> system ---> in square where is your pc name, domain and group of work, click change settings or option.
Now you are in tab "name computer", click ID of network and now select "the computer is used for personal use etc etc (second option).
At this point we should reboot but if I reboot the option return at first point of option in ID of network and I don't say why, I don't reboot and the folder it's view by WD 3gen but in this case I have problem whit username and password, the screen tell in the online manual (anonymous and ********** as password) and it's incorrect, I try all of my personal username/pass whit not success... i'm disperate, nothing have a solution :(
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