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WD TV Player and HandBrake: why do I have this problem? help

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:25 am
by FoxAdriano
Hi, I'm using the latest version of HandBrake and I get problems when I use those files with WD TV Player (7 months old with latest firmware).
I tell you my issue.
I get an uncompressed file from Edius 8 timeline. My project on Edus is UHD and 40 minutes length. I get an uncompressed file around 254 GB. Then I load it on HadBrake with these settings: ... c.jpg?dl=0 ... c.jpg?dl=0
Therefore I get a file from HandBrake. It is around 6,23 GB. When I put this file in WD TV Player, I'm noticing WD TV Player doesn't neither see that file. It seems my hard drive where there is that file is empty.
But if I use a portion of that original UHD Edius project (around 32 minutes) and I make a file with HandBrake and with the same settings, I get a file of around 4,68 GB and then my WD TV Player sees that file and it plays that file without problems. Why do I have this problem with WD TV Player? Maybe do I have to configure WD TV Player or does WD TV Player have a size limit of file?
Thanks for your news.

Re: WD TV Player and HandBrake: why do I have this problem?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:42 pm
by mad_ady
Have you tried rebooting the WDTV to reindex the file?