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powerdown events / ash_history

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powerdown events / ash_history   

Postby davo_x1 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:53 am

It seems that I am not able to keep the ash_history persistent when I reboot.

I followed the setup described on: ... nt_history

and I added the 2 commands to store and restore the history.

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config_tool -c POWER_DOWN_ACTION10='cp /tmp/.ash_history "/tmp/mnt/3d93e48f-8d8d-4cf1-91de-71f790cd87fd/.ash_history"'

Saved the config. But then after a reboot it seems that the ash_history is never in the external disk.

I am currently using version:

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FW Base: 1.05.04
Current version:

I have also the autobackup app installed and this one seems that is able to generate its configuration backup. This one is using the configuration:
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however having this two simple power down events, does not make any output file on the external HD
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POWER_DOWN_ACTION12='date >> "/tmp/mnt/3d93e48f-8d8d-4cf1-91de-71f790cd87fd/1"'
POWER_DOWN_ACTION13='date >> "/tmp/media/usb/USB1/3d93e48f-8d8d-4cf1-91de-71f790cd87fd/2"'

Am I missing something here ?
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Re: powerdown events / ash_history   

Postby mad_ady » Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:02 pm

If you run:
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ls -l /tmp/mnt/3d93e48f-8d8d-4cf1-91de-71f790cd87fd/

do you get output (just checking)?

I think there was a way to manually run the power down events, but I forgot how... Maybe by running command. It should display error messages onscreen. Alternatively you could pipe error log to somewhere in /tmp and look at it:
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POWER_DOWN_ACTION12='date >> "/tmp/mnt/3d93e48f-8d8d-4cf1-91de-71f790cd87fd/1 2>/tmp/power_down_error"'
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