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Thumbgen problem? Or my settings?

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Thumbgen problem? Or my settings?   

Postby pauls156 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 5:58 am

Hey all, question about Thumbgen. I can do Moviesheets easily for movies (Markster - Sheet - Movie......I use Moviesheets+) if I do them one at a time. If I try to do them more than one at a time (e.g., the movies Allegiant and Batman v. Superman), then Markster - Sheet - Folder - Transparent (the .png image) for EVERY movie will be the PNG image of the last movie in queue of moviesheets that I'm making. As another example, if I have Movie X, Movie Y, and Movie Z, then Markster - Sheet - Folder - Transparent for each of the three movies will be the PNG image for Movie Z. Not quite sure why Thumbgen is doing this but it's getting kind of annoying doing movies one at a time. Any ideas?
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