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Postby Jolyn » Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:49 pm

Organize a home evening card night for playing the card game Lou. Lou is not a game that works well being mixed with other card games during the evening. This is because players may not declare themselves “in” on a hand for numerous hands card against humanity in a row. You can play the card game Lou with a very large group of people, up to 9. The best size for a card game of Lou is six or seven players.

Have players ante a predetermined amount for each hand. A typical ante is either 15 or 30 cents. The ante must be divisible by 3.

Deal three cards to each player at the table. After each player at the table has received three cards, they may look at their own hands.

Flip over the top card of the deck in the middle of the table; this is the trump suit. A trump can be played if a player does not have the suit that was led. You cannot play cards against humanity online a trump card if you have a card of the suit that was led in your hand.

Decide who will be in the hand. This is where guts poker comes in. Just like in guts, each player can decide if they want to play the hand or not. To declare this, have each player hold a fist over the table. Instruct players who want to play the hand to put a cards against humanity Canada chip in their fist. Once everyone has their fist over the table, everyone opens them, and those who have a chip in their hands are in the game.

Discard up to three cards from your hand and draw an equal number from the deck. Only players who have opted to stay in the game may do this. This begins with the player who is in the hand sitting closest to the left of the dealer.

Have the player in the hand sitting closest to the left of the dealer lead one of the three cards from his hand. The trick is won by the highest ranking cards against humanity wholesale card of the suit led, or by the highest ranking trump played to the trick. Trumps are higher than the suit led.

Have the winner of the first trick lead the first card for the second trick, and then the winner of that trick leads the first card for the third trick.

Calculate the total of the pot. Any player who opted to play the hand but did not win the hand must pay a penalty of that pot amount to the new pot for the next hand. Players who won tricks receive one-third of the pot for each trick they won.

Place any penalty payments by players who played cards against humanity wholesale Canada the hand and did not win a trick into the new pot, have all players ante and deal the next hand. The card game Lou continues until a predetermined ending time, or until everyone at the table decides to move on to a different card game.
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