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How to install custom firmware on my WD TV live ????

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How to install custom firmware on my WD TV live ????   

Postby EkamsaT » Mon Jul 14, 2014 4:35 am


I have a WD TV live media player. Copy paste link for the picture of the device. ""

I have read the supported devices section on the wiki page. my model number is 'WDBGXT0000NBK' which i dont see it mentioned anywhere. Does it mean custom firmware can work, if yes continue reading.

Recently my player got bricked. Basically, when you power the device, all i get is a blank screen AKA 'No signal' along with the white light on the device ON constantly. So things i have tried so far are:

a) Power cycle couple of times
b) Let the device be on in that state for couple of hours
c) Tried a hard reset

But none of them seem to solved the problem, and WD customer care ppl are taking way too long to replace the device constantly telling me that the product isnt in their warehouse ATM for d past 2 months. FML ! So here i am asking you guys on how to install the custom firmware on a bricked device. because i have tried the following steps to install the custom firmware and not succeeded.


Looking forward for help ! If i have done everything right, opening up the device and going with this step: is d last option ??

THanks !
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Re: How to install custom firmware on my WD TV live ????   

Postby KAD » Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:56 am

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