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Postby RMerlin » Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:16 am

MANY questions posted here are already answered. Repeating the same answers merely fills the forum with useless posts, which means new users find it harder to find answers to THEIR questions as they have to wade through pages and pages of repeated answers.

Before posting here, read first:

Questions that are already answered there will most likely be ignored. We're developers, not parrots, or your personal assistant. If you need precision on something there, then please say what you have already tried, and ask what you need clarified. Because if you are being vague, we can only give a generic broad answer, which is specifically what is already written on the Wiki.

You should really read the following link, it may take a while to read but it will help you to understand the way we (the developers) think and act...
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

In this end, this will lead to a cleaner forum (easier for people to navigate), and less frustrated developers (who get tired of having to repeat themselves because people didn't read what they already wrote).

PM's to the developers with questions regarding WDLXTV help or troubleshooting will most likely be ignored. These topics should be discussed on the forum, PM are for private matters.

Tip of the Day: Search the forum for "Tip of the day" and you will find quickly a lot of useful tips.
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