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NFS Server on WHS

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NFS Server on WHS   

Postby mit3gt » Wed Apr 21, 2010 9:40 pm

Noob Central. Perfect! Ok. Here's my problem. I have all my movie stores on Windows Home Server over the LAN. When I play a 1080P movie I get massive stuttering. I know, CIFS > NSF or is it NSF > CISF, I always get it backwards. Anyway, I know CIFS is inferior to NSF. So I installed NSF Server on My WHS. Here is where I am getting confused. Under Network Shares (WD Live) I see all my CIFS shares (Movies, Photos, Music, etc), I also see a folder that is called "shares". This "shares" folder is the NFS share I set up. When I choose to play a 1080P movie from the NFS share I still get the stuttering motion. I guess my question is, am I getting the movie straight from the NFS share or is it still going through the CIFS share? Also, I have a drive that is not part of the sever shares. It is by itself. The shares are on D: drive while the new drive is E:. I have E: set up as NSF share as well, problem is this share (E:) is not even being seen under network shares (Wd Live). What would be the best practice for getting the NFS shares to show under Network Shares (WD Live)? I am sorry if this is all too vague. I tried to do the interceptor via ssh. I am posting in noob central so you can probably ascertain how the ssh'ing went.

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