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g2 Movie Sheets

PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:47 pm
by zorro11p
I've owned 2 WDTV Live Plus boxes that I've updated here for 8 years or so. Today I found a G2 for $30 so I updated it to 1.01.77 G2- I unplugged my HD from the Live Plus and put it directly on this G2 USB port. The movies sheets do not appear! The folders are appearing though. I updated the S00custom-options with

config_tool -c LINKSHEETS=ON
config_tool -c SHOW_FILESIZE_SETTING=0

config_tool -c WDTVEXT=ON
config_tool -c MSHEETMODE=sheet
config_tool -c VIDMSHEET=ON
config_tool -c LISTMSHEET=ON
config_tool -c GENMSHEET=ON

But no luck. Is this model not able to display the movies sheets ... what's the trick?