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Please i need help for the last step, see the picture

everything to do with Movie Sheet templates

Please i need help for the last step, see the picture   

Postby flowstar » Tue Nov 25, 2014 10:35 am

Hi Guys,

first i must say sorry for my bad english, i´m from Germany and i know my Grammatik is horrible :)

and second, i need help with my Moviesheets+. I download the Moviesheets+ with Trailer Support from Markster, after two weeks i got it know, it all works. But one thing is driving me crazy, i have a big black screen down at the sheets ( like the Star Wars picture ) and the normal sheets have the Black too see the Looper Picture

what do i wrong? Please can anyone help me?

Ah and the Trailers works, but not all, every third Trailer doesn´t play, why is this so?

I´m thankfully for your help




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