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Extensive Lstar337 Mod

everything to do with Movie Sheet templates

Extensive Lstar337 Mod   

Postby RiggerofRiV » Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:00 pm


I made a extensive Lstar337 mod. I changed almost everything but have to say without his xslt files and hints in the templates I would never made it.
The moviesheets are space optimized but also readable from four meters on a 32 inch display. Almost any theme out there is unreadable in this setting, especially episodes lists or longer texts. If you have an overscan on your device you have to disable it, because the sheets use almost any space on screen.

The mod is in german but you can simply apply your own language by changing the labels ended by TEXT (case sensitive) in designer.

Some features of my mod:
  • Complete redesign of the templates. The stars, the higlight and the common graphics are untouched.
  • New clever calculation of seasonlist. I set the row count to 16 in a two column list but it clever arranges the items up to 32 episodes by the following algorithm; I try to show as much as possible items as a single column list and fill up the remaining items up to the episode count of the season in a two column list. This means: you get the maximum out of the season list up to a maximum of 32 episodes per season in the well knowing 2 column list.
  • I implemented a release year of the season not only the series itself

  • you need the font Agency FB installed on your system.
  • generated with thembGenDesigner
  • only tested with thumbgen Should also work with older versions
  • Common folder from lstar337

As I use a horizontal bar at the top in my mod you have to set up the following configuration on your wdlxtv:
  • choose wallmode for moviesheets
  • set the the browser-display to list mode
  • I have only tested the mod with list count = 10. It should work with other counts. Please let me know
  • save the moviesheets only as "_sheet.jpg", no "_wall" no other if you don't know excactly what you do.

If you use thumbnail mode the thumbnails will overlap the top bar.

Templates and Common

Series sheet
Season sheet
Episode sheet
Movie sheet
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