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03/03/2013 [v0.5] Movisheet Browser for Windows

PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 6:53 am
by cescqq
This is a small , fast and simple desktop application that I developed , to browse moviesheets from computer.


You can use it to

  • Delete old movies (folder and all it's contents)
  • Show missing covers or movisheets
  • Play movie on your desktop
  • Watch movie trailers
  • Manage watched movies
  • More to come in next versions

At first start, configure you root movie folder in Options menu.

Requires Microsoft .NET 4.0

Feel free to use and share it.

03/03/2013 Version 0.5.0
    Embedded movie trailers
    Acces to WDTV Database (watched, ratings)
    Acces to (ratings) (1.9 MB)!gEgiiRaa!IpSABAhQC0LFmtXuU7IU6lslVSlSoAeUgd1UyyR9FwA

20/02/2013 Version 0.4.0
    Splash screen
    Quick info window
    Embedded resources, now all in a single .exe (179 KB)!oNA1ELab!cA-UTkTNUIQTV9F2otQN4WphzRMseEP9RFgZw7DunNA

19/02/2013 Version 0.3
    Delete movie bug fixed
    Open folder context menu (84 KB)!5IYGzAqK!QS8ngQjk2EF_mWRAzGvJPWxfqMQYCxFDeEvf_bqNMmM

17/02/2013 Version 0.2
    New features and optimizations (83 KB)!9AJA1b7C!E1F5rGvtma_y5vbrprOy7S-fyqJTFZUf2vv-zspT190

16/02/2013 (80 KB)!BQhFmCqS!HA4MulBKg-vt5SmGbOhM8iYyaNRgoE9QmtyiXFEMxJo

Re: 03/03/2013 [v0.5] Movisheet Browser for Windows

PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:23 pm
by Don Lapeno
This is pretty awesome! will have to try it out