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How to support WDLXTV

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How to support WDLXTV   

Postby » Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:15 am

Background information:

WDLXTV is a community driven homebrew firmware project for most devices in the WDTV family. It is quite hard to estimate the total number of end users, but based on download counts and server statistics here is my best guess:
WDLXTV-G1 - 100,000+ end users (2.25yr old deprecated project)
WDLXTV-G2 - 25,000+ end users (1.5yr old project)
WDLXTV-Live - 150,000+ end users (1.5yr old project)
WDLXTV-Plus - 75,000+ end users (1yr old project)

As of this moment (july 19, 2011) there are 23,000 registered users at the front end site, and half of them have entered the forum.

The main server gets hit by ~300K unique visitors a month, and puts out 10TB+ of bandwidth a month--aggregating the three direct download mirrors. There are 250+ downloads a day, just on the non-members links!

Theres almost 3500 people who have enabled the 100% optional WDLXTV census to help keep count of exactly how many of what versions are still out in the wild.

The update server gets hit by up to 10,000 unique IP's a day----the update server replies currentversion to all devices, except donors who have the census enabled. No identifying information is logged, that is what the optional census is for. This means there is 10,000 people out there turning their WDTV Live or Plus on a day!

Support us:

What does this mean? Well, first off, it means that I am extremely proud of this project, having never envisioned that it would grow so large and take on a life of its own. :mrgreen: I started this project for one single reason back in the G1 days: to use my USB optical thing (annoyance) led to another and next thing you know WDLXTV was born. It also means that an incredible amount of support goes into things around here.

Donations are not mandatory to use the software, although there are occasional fund raising periods for specific versions. Donations however help cover server costs, which currently run $110/mo. They also help cover the cost of bricked & new equipment, should it ever be needed. (I've managed unluckily to irrecoverably brick two three plus's in the last two months). Donations of course also help fuel motivation for development, research, and support time. This project consumes an insane amount of my personal free time, albeit thats of my own free will as I do have fun :geek:

Therefore any and all support is much appreciated. There are several perks to being a donor, as well as the satisfaction you should get from knowing that you contributed to what has become the largest homebrew media player firmware project on the interwebz--managed by only three core developers. 8-)

NOTE: The site is now google adsense supported - donations are not currently accepted

What is needed, via pm to me, from a donor is:
- exact paypal email address -- we're not psychic here and a lot of people don't use the same email address for the forum as they do for paypal. No effort will be put into matching emails because of this.
- date of donation
- full name & donation amount.

Note: I do *not* want your confirmation number, it is different for sender and receiver ;)

The limits for the perks are:
>$5 to get into the lounge & Area 51
>$10 = online update notifier access
>$30 accumulated donations for 'Supporter' badge
>$100 accumulated donations for 'Patron' badge

NOTE: The site is now google adsense supported - donations are not currently accepted

none of this is automagic, so please pm me if you make a donation and need to be taken care of.

The lounge is where special bits are posted exclusively for donors, and is a place where questions can be asked so they won't be missed...questions get moved to the general forum when they're answered to help the general population, but still.

Area 51 is our testing ground, where the devs post bits we're working on and propose new additions. Most of what we work on debuts in Area 51 quite a while before the main site. Its also where we post beta firmwares for early access and testing purposes.

You may also donate directly to myself (b-rad), recliq, & RMerlin and it will qualify as a WDLXTV donation. Donation links for us can be found in our signatures and on the credits page of the webend. Donations to other contributors here, while nice for them, are meaningless to your donor status in regard to WDLXTV.

You can support WDLXTV in other ways too, by just hanging around the forum and asnwering questions or--GASP--getting your hands dirty and doing some dev work by making some UMSP plugins, filling in the wiki, compiling some app.bins, or making an OSD mod. :mrgreen: Any and all community contributions help make WDLXTV the great package it is.

cheers & thanks to this awesome, huge community.


b-rad :ugeek:

NOTE: The site is now google adsense supported - donations are not currently accepted
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