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Windows service for Compressed Headers problem.

This is the place to ask for how to use software that is (or isn't) included in the various wdlxtv flavours. Questions about software such as rtorrent, NZBGet, sshfs, curlftpfs, ssh, telnet, etc.

Windows service for Compressed Headers problem.   

Postby cassy34 » Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:25 am

A while ago I got fed up with compressed headers in mkv files locking up my wdtv player, so I though I'd write a little windows service to sort out the problem and I wondered if it would be of any interest to anyone else. Essentially it wakes up every 10 minutes and trawls through a configured folder for mkv files and uses a call to mkvmerge.exe to uncompress the headers. When this has finished it will add NoCo to the filename to mark it as uncompressed. The next stage is to copy the file to another drive (network share in my case). It will search the network drive comparing folder names with the file name of the mkv and if it matches, will copy it to the last subdirectory in the folder (House.SE03E10NoCo.mkv will go to x:\House\Season 3\). If a match isn't found, it will leave the file where it is. I've also set a file length minimum so that it doesn't bother with sample mkv files that may also be in the download folder.

I'm sure this functionality may exist elsewhere but if anyone is interested I'll post the application

And after searching this forum I've noticed that the problem doesn't exist in 1.05! Hey Ho, nothing to see hear. Just move along.
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