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Atmolight/Karatelight for WDTV-Live

This is the place to ask for how to use software that is (or isn't) included in the various wdlxtv flavours. Questions about software such as rtorrent, NZBGet, sshfs, curlftpfs, ssh, telnet, etc.

Re: Atmolight/Karatelight for WDTV-Live   

Postby mad_ady » Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:18 am

Just stumbled over this:

As I suspected, there is a software component (windows) that gets the values of the colors on screen and sends them to an arduino that displays them on the strips. From what I've read, getting the colors is hard work even for a PC, so no chances of doing it on the wdtv...
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Re: Atmolight/Karatelight for WDTV-Live   

Postby DomingoLamb » Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:43 pm

pfleiderer wrote:Hi all here.

First of all i like to thank all the great devellopers here for there great work. And yes,for sure i have done some donations yet ;)
In addition to my three WDTV-Live's i have a VU+ Duo Sat receiver with E2 Linux (like a dreambox) for a few weeks.
The systems work together great for me, and i still like to use the WDTV with the firmware from here for Mediaplayer usage, It is offcause the much better system for playing media.

Now i have found a very interesting project in the VU+ forum. They have build a plugin to controll a atmolight led lights-String controller... its a thing like he Ambilight from Phillipps to have a RGB-LED light around your TV which is controlled by the coulors of the Movie you are whatching.
Now i have the question if you, the Pro's, did see a chance to implement this plugin into WDLXTV, or even made it possible to run under WDLXTV.

I would like to use the amzing features not even while watching TV, but lso while watching Video from WDTV-Live.

I think it may be also interesting for many other WDTV Users. I add links to the VU+ Forum and also to sample videos for more information,

tkx for answers

i hobe i did the liks right... its my first attempt

Sorry for old thread reply but you were working on very nice project.. I am working on similar project so need your help.. If you are present here please reply thanks..
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